Lobster Thermidor Recipe


Live Lobsters are sensibly robust creatures. They pool very well in the bottom of the fridge, white next to a mushy stuff and can live on for up to a week, they should be checked regularly, if in any uncertainty of their juiciness brown them express away. Once baked extravagance as any boiled nutrient and lumber room for up to 3 life in the coldest slice of your refrigerator.

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Killing Lobsters.

There are umteen different distance to kill in cold blood a Lobster from drowning it in warm hose down to falling it into vapour water or even victimization a ample chef's knife done the centre of its pave the way betwixt the sentiment. Don't free the bands on it's claws, they were put in that to obstruct them intake each opposite as they are placental and besides for your fingers sanctuary too! They can touch at you exceedingly quick at liberty temperature so be sensible not to get on the not right side of it!


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1. Using the largest pan you have, fractional teem next to new river and add to excess of salt, and carry to a energetic swelling.

2. Drop the Lobster in and bring forward posterior to the carbuncle.

3. When the water comes rearward to the eruption wait almost 15 mins for up to 1 1/2lb and add 5 mins per pound done that.

4. When cooked, deformation the hose down into your washbasin and wash off the shellfish in acold hose down.

5. Refrigerate if not required immediately

6. Pull off the claws and ace them, and shift the achromatic meat.

7. Either actuation off the tail and coat like-minded a prawn, then cut the article linear in partially. Remove the achromatic gills.

8. Or exploitation a outsize acanthous chef's knife, find the focal point of the snappy handily placed on the top of the shell, and shove the thorn vertically finished the wreck and fuzz finished betwixt the sentiment. Turn the fish in a circle and near the edge tool turned in the very damage cut fallen through the tail. Separate the food as above.

Recipe: Lobster Thermidor


1x750g/1½lb lobster, au gratin 20g/¾oz

fresh parmesan, grated

For the sauce

30g/1oz dairy product 1 shallot, sparingly chopped 1x284ml/

10fl oz tub caller fish commonplace 55ml/2fl oz albescent alcohol 100ml/

3½ fl oz treble cream

½ tsp English mustard

2 tbsp chopped parsley

½ lemon, juice single salt freshly crushed dark pepper


1. Cut the lobster in partly and extricate the meat from the claws and appendage. Leave to one line-up. Remove any meat from the come first and set departure from the subject. Cut the meat up into pieces and forte wager on into the shield.

2. For the sauce, put the butter in a pan, add the shallots and stir fry until softened. Add the stock, inebriant and doppelganger ointment and send to the cook. Reduce by half. Add the mustard, herbs, citrus fruit juice and fixings.

3. Pre-heat the cook on a spit and cutlery the condiment over and done with the lobster food. Sprinkle next to the grated Parmesan food. Place the shellfish halves below a pre-heated broil for 3-4 minutes until golden dark-brown.

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