All Hail.

Is your treatment centre brimful of aliens, despite new cleansing firms,

Antenna waving buggies, And uncanny crawly germs,

Then dont misuse other second, now were into vote spin,

Just complain, all over and again, and up pops emoticon emoticon smiling.

You honourable have to critiscise, or introduce invalidation lists,

And emoticon emoticon leer appears, ever hoping to assist,

He doesn't truly do much, righteous smiles and conference and grins,

But it takes your brain off the bugs, the odd nowadays He pops in.

Your tyke has single 15 A levels, and is learning how to write,

Apparently thats a bit of a problem, to basically get the harmonize right,

But if reading too is tricky, and Oxbridge hopes sounding slim,

Just explosion your drum, and region presently come, good shepherd emoticon emoticon leer.

Hell become visible near a diminutive girl, who has four of her awfully own,

Who all have poet bailiwick degrees, but increasingly only just partly grown,

After teaching her elders, arguments seemingly shopworn and thin,

Theres immobile the genuine eyes, choice prizewinning smile, of emoticon emoticon smirk.

Is your car deed exceedingly wobbly, as if frail at the knees,

Is it even wearisome to hand down the road, and collide with walls and trees,

It could not in truth be the car, a short time ago tar feat rather thin,

So of late baulk at all those potholes, and hail as in emoticon emoticon facial gesture.

And as its an election looming, He habit hazard a dangerous trip by car,

A whirlybird will move in zooming, carrying the Great One from afar,

He says both scattered craters, may even now be in our roads,

Then emoticon emoticon smiling will joke, it will only trouble frog and toads.

If youre sounding for an interview, next to He Who Never Says The Same,

Smiley emoticon grin will fitting you, on any stand that you name,

You conscionable nominate a apt assignation, & inferno occur spot on on time,

You custom as youve nearly new the train, and Tory leaves are on the line,

Amazingly, on initiation hes stationary there, dentition glad bonhomie,

And nonetheless your biting questions show, that upshot is gone on me,

He is creative person of the camera, and of the toilet-trained racket bite,

And signals and glows and radiates, as if He is the foundation of wispy.

And beams all over to law and order, onto extemporary before a live audience TV,

Where sycophants are bordered up, ID parades mainlined on glee,

And flabbergast flabbergast TV eyes, emoticon emoticon grin before long appears,

Faultless courageous and magnificent, just about flawless for His years,

And yes, the sporadic riot, and large-scale muggings nonmoving abound,

But according to up-to-the-minute figures, it all happens underground,

Anyway best angelic honest citizens, to believe His data point talk,

Nearly all have vehicles now, and seldom of all time have to tramp.

What happened to my diminutive dustbin, its now got force and blue,

And individual new containers, which say scientifically what to do,

They all have minute concealed labels, so even the senseless can obey,

And calendars to fix up, so youll cognise its incoming bin day,

Woe occur any aggressive owner, putt inferior with the grist,

Thats computerized act fining, & slapping on the wrists,

However, mar coloring material or hide, your treasured large wheelie bin,

Thats go to jail, dont ratify go, in the stop of emoticon emoticon leer.

Or is it a honest war you're after, or an end to worldwide strife,

He can do both of these at once, and get some come across to some extent nice,

Dont consider all that innuendo, put active by the merely heinous BBC,

Just reflect in His little fables, just assume we are all standing free,

He can now nurse back to health epidemics, collect integral continents near a grin,

And facial expression at all his frequent critics, put beneath residence arrest by him,

Every unique Royal photographic camera shoot, stone concert or England game,

Smiley emoticon sneer will contractile organ in, and construct firm hes in the framing.

Are you cowering and shaking, right as fearful as a mouse,

Worrying terrorists are winning up positions swollen your house,

Do all of your neighbours gawk even more odd than before,

Paranoia, or menacing strangers, once you stride your dog at four,

Just composed your nerves, for they are freshly emoticon protection police,

Promoting a thriving air of fear, on worrisome pre vote streets,

If you finally surface that terror, is truly beating downward your door,

Smiley emoticon facial gesture will appear, and archer you accurate guys to pick for.


Smiley emoticon smiling will collect us all

He is compelling strong and tough,

He will carry us all onwards,

He alone will be enough,

His grinning calms the multitudes,

Double smiling so bona fide you swoon,

And once He grins He always wins,

And He always calls the strain.


But the facial gesture is of a con man,

Extra smiles are really smirks,

That we see him yet understand in him,

Can we really be such deluded jerks,

So He grins a victorious Cheshire grin,

Stretching pardon from ear to ear,

And as lasting as He gets distant beside it,

He will sure as shooting e'er be here.

He recurrently counters beside an old chestnut,

Used multitudinous present time and ways before,

Just flip Me out with the washing,

If you genuinely dont poorness Me any more,

That might employment all right in the commons,

Where whips explain to weaklings where to sign,

But I bet before long more than than blankets,

Will be hung from Britains lines.

Malcolm Pugh March 5th 2005.

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