Let's early follow what maniac
means. According to Webster a maniacal is "mad;
raging beside madness; violent beside disordered
intellect". You don't cognise everyone resembling that, do

There is a textbook that is motionless in
print today that was in the beginning published in
1841 with the banner Extraordinary and Popular
Delusions of Crowds by Charles Mackay. He
explains in a bit horrendous item how people
were caught up in the lunacy of purchasing property
in the South Seas in 1720, the numismatic coin
craze of 1980 and the liliaceous plant stem commerce in
1637. You guess how individuals could have been so
gullible to have bought a individual liliaceous plant rhizome or
land they would ne'er see for gigantic amounts of
money. Could anything similar to this of all time happen

I was level wholesaler on the commodity
exchange in 1973 once the Hunt brothers drove
silver from $2.00 per apothecaries' ounce to $54. That mania
lasted a few months and at the double tanked to $6.00.
I took relation in that mania. I was one of the

When it was fetching plonk it seemed
like the entity to do and hugely few questioned the
sanity of those involved. In fact, if you
weren't section of the crowd near was something
wrong near you. When there is a group action it is
best to run near the animal group or be damaged to
death. However, near were a few who were not

Today we are involved in one of
those manias merely now it is called a slosh and
still is not beingness interpreted too hopelessly. Yes, it
is the farm animals market mania. Many are still
trapped in the madness of the herd of the
1990's who understand the "market always comes
back". They are clutching their liliaceous plant bulbs,
sorry, domestic animals certificates, and impose sanctions to let go
of them because they cognise their merit will grow
back to what it was 3 geezerhood ago. Stock owners
have go mad near what - greed? fear? denial?

When something, virtually anything,
drops 50% in asking price it will bear a 100% increase
in merit to get put a bet on to "even". With today's
economic and global requisites that could be a
long example and possibly not in our life.

Years ago I detected a fable roughly how
they previously owned to take in for questioning monkeys. A littlest dump just
big sufficient for the mandrill to drop his bare hand
inside would be trained in a coconut and candy
and reproductive structure would be put in it. The coconut meat was
tied to a interest in the terra firma. When the monkey
grabbed a containerful of goodies he would not let go
even once the scavenger came for him. Greed holds
him in an unobtrusive lever.

Many investors today are approaching those
monkeys. They waste to trade what is remaining
of the stocks and mutual monetary resource they own even
though they can forcefully see the great trend
continues set. They became mad next to miserliness and
now horror of loss entraps them.

Until this lunacy is recognized
investors will last to see their portfolios
become lesser and less important. They essential swot up to
let go.

Written 3/10/03 but not moving applies nowadays.

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