Upper Saddle River, N.J. - May 2004 - Compensation Resources, Inc. has
released the results of its 2003-2004 College Graduate Salary Survey. The
purpose of this office was to obtain punishment information and message on
recruiting and hiring trends for recent and new body old pupils. The
survey sampled repayment assemblage from 71 organizations, plus 1,253 jobs.

The grades do not designate any startling or unannounced results, and for
the furthermost part, they are identical with other studies skin broader
employee costs trends.

Among the utmost famous collection was that absolute bread compensation, which consists of wage and extra/incentives, enhanced by a worthy 6.1%, even yet salaries with the sole purpose raised by a unaffected 0.8%. This is regular next to the direction of augmented use of erratic pay weather condition by many organizations. Variable pay allows companies to give agonistical pay next to top potential, patch controlling positive overhead for payroll costs, and to few degree, drop-off the contact of high salaries on aim costs (i.e., vacation and occurrence off benefits, retirement, both insurances, etc.).

Some additional highlights:

  • Findings for 2004 betoken that the financial services industry is the top profitable commercial enterprise for new academy old pupils ($60,900).
  • Companies are presently utilizing a statewide choice of methods to recruit new school former students. The cardinal best every bit best-selling methods are College Career Centers, Employee and Business Associate Referrals, and Internet Job Boards.
  • The majority of responding companies have turnover revenue enhancement of new college old pupils of 15% or smaller number.

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