Now, initial off, I'd like to say I'm not a hater of Apple products (I've owned many another iPods). However, once it comes to the Apple MacBook Air, I have to say my piece. The MacBook Air itself is a blissful machine, and a miracle of moderne laptop shape and engineering. However, for the large-scale consumer, I'd say there's a twosome of righteous reasons why you don't poorness the MacBook Air as your laptop. This nonfictional prose explains this in more trifle.

Reason 1: Only 1 USB Port
The archetypical objection comes from the information that the MacBook Air has lone one USB port. These days, two USB ports are the nominal for any laptop. Many laptops have 3 ports. Hence, in my opinion, the need of spare USB ports gravely undermines the probability of the MacBook Air taking all over laptop sales by a massive bound.

Reason 2: It Lacks An Optical Drive
The removal of an exteroception propulsion may well be a obstacle for quite a lot of users. The optical actuation is now normative in record laptops - furthermost come with next to a DVD contributor. Although the MacBook Air does sell the chance of swing to a fragment visual propulsion on other machine, we get the impression it doesn't to the full generate up for the deficiency of the drive.

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Reason 3: Price, Price, Price
And as usual, asking price is ever a restricting cause. Considering the specifications of the Apple MacBook Air, the thoroughfare price tag of more or less $1800 is way above lots folks' budgets. Granted, Apple does merit a deluxe in asking price due to the marvelous design and silkiness of the MacBook Air, but we fixed perceive it is a tad too markedly in lingo of price tag.

Reason 4: No ExpressCard Slot or Card Reader
The drought of an ExpressCard position or paper reader would advise against plentiful digital picture taking enthusiasts. Many laptops these life come in next to card readers integrated into the device. I deduce a workaround here is to takeover imagery from your SD paper via an on the outside USB card reader, but to have that merged would have been nice.

Reason 5: Low Battery Life
The Apple MacBook Air has been reported to run for single more or less 3 work time once using Windows Vista. Now that is pretty concise. It'd impose complications for business concern travelers who stipulation unvarying admittance to their files via the laptop computer. We suspect oodles of these kin would like the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 instead.

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And near you have it. 5 reasons why one would not impoverishment to buy the Apple MacBook Air. I deduce it comes set to own prime - I mean, the MacBook Air has its merits. For representative it is the thinnest laptop, has gorgeous looks, a gesture-enabled touchpad and a full-sized grand piano. In the end, what matters is the shove you suppose in-chief in a laptop computer and your purchase decree will finally be on that. So until close time, paradisaic computing!

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