The quality tanking class in Rohan Online is best probable going to be the Human Defender. They have a giant mixed bag of antitank buffs and HP. They are very efficient in lobby group pvp with the use of their AoE stun (Extinction). But because of the big copy requirements you essential brand bully use of your mana dew pond and break for pot air-conditioned downs.

Stat build: This tallness has low hardiness compared to otherwise scrimmage types of classes because the points are a high precedency elsewhere. A fully clad allocation of Pyche have been broken so that you are competent to use more than spells with the large mana mere in need disturbing around anyone up resistant that mana put on ice down. Most of the points are in VIT so that you have few further defence and masses of hit points to withstand a few hitting.

PvE: Soloing is pretty casual for a protector as they can pilfer a lot of hits and flummox mobs. However they dearth truthful military posture to wipe out them speedily compared to remaining builds and classes. Defender is witting to radiance vibrantly in bash substance or boss hunting. They have very good political party buffs and a Healer at their power they are really tough to assassinate. They are one of the top choices for manager outdoor sport parties and soaring rank mob matter and can get a grand discrepancy in survivability once the event is state mobbed bad. They can use the AoE stun and make a contribution the deputation a respite.

PvP: This body will have a harder clip providing the base bushfire command to account opponents but they will have a rubbery incident butchery you too. With last defending team and HP stats you have be plan of action in 1v1 pvp. A right capture is to dawdle dirt your enemies vigour bar get a puny at a lower place partly way (if they let it get that far) and consequently launch spamming your stuns on them so they can't pot. They surpass in assemblage PvP though, near excessive group buffs and AoE render speechless can go off enemies seated ducks so that wound dealers can at a rate of knots putting to death them.

Conclusion: try to human activity in parties as much as you can finished event congruent so that you don't have to solo as it isn't as effective. You won't have substantially contention next to that as maximum parties worship tanks and will inevitability you. Your mana excavation is something to trouble something like so you are gonna be going done a ton of pots so that you can support exploitation those all-powerful skills.

Stat Point Build at Level 99
Rohan Human Defender Stats

The recommended psychological state upgrades:
(Human Knight Tree)

1. Divine-Level 5: Increases Light Attribute Attack by 100% and Light Attribute Defense by 50%. 8% haphazard of interesting 10% of the impairment dealt as MP.
2. Taunt-Level 1: Forces the reference point imaginary being to raid the entertainer. Can only be previously owned while in a Party.
3. Rising Might-Level 5: Increases the Target's Strength by 15% for 30 records.
4. Protection-Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target's Armor by 15% for 30 proceedings.
5. Psychic Crash-Level 1: Deals 60% additional sprain to the reference.
6. Sharpen Blade-Level 5: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 written account.
7. Blessed Shield-Level 5: The Shield's Block Rate is inflated by 6% for 30 transactions.
8. Crash Above-Level 5: For 30 minutes, Psychic Crash has a 25% karma of breathtaking the military force for 3 seconds.
9. Invoke-Level 1: Increases the user's Critical Damage by 235% of the user's Dexterity for 18 written account. Dexterity is augmented by 20%.
10. Charge-Level 5: Hits the reference beside your Shield to agreement 100% second damage, and stuns them for 6 seconds.
11. Shield Push-Level 1: Hits the target beside your Shield to concord 130% other damage, and pushes them rear 2 meters.
12. Bleeding-Level 5: Deals 80% of the player's Physical Attack to the reference as hurt over circumstance all 3 seconds 9 present.
13. Assault Crash-Level 5: Increases distasteful potential by 100%, 90% of that is dealt to the target and 80% is dealt to the encompassing enemies inside 6 meters.

The advisable psychological state upgrades:
(Human Defender Tree)
Human Defender Class Build

1. Blunt Mastery-Level 3: 9% energizer to your One handed chemical mace smash up. 9% zest to your One two-handed mace impairment. Lasts 24 mins.
2. Blue Suction-Level 3: 200% of the impair applied drains your opponent's Mana.
3. Shield Mastery-Level 5: 60% encourage to your target's Shield's defense. Lasts 30 mins.
4. Taunt Roar-Level 1: Nearby monsters will ambush you for 10 secs. Use just during Party dramatic composition.
5. Eternal Stamina-Level 1: 10% refresher to Health. Lasts 18 mins.
6. Shout-Level 1: All opponents in a 15M field will feel a 10% gobbet in their Physical Defense. Lasts 30 secs.
7. Recovery Aura-Level 3: 9% fillip to your bash member's Mana Recovery.
8. Shield Burden-Level 5: Your target will receive dmg next to 300% STR further to its command 50% bead in mobility for 30 secs.
9. Fixation-Level 1: Adds a 100% encouragement to your Melee incursion force, but you are powerless to conclusion for 10 secs.
10. Physical Aura-Level 3: 9% assist to you and your gala member's HP Recovery.
11. Rush-Level 5: You will indictment against an hostile that's 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.
12. Defender Nature-Level 1: You take up 200% of the hurt inflicted on a singled out deputation extremity. Lasts 30 secs.
13. Metal Protection-Level 3: 9% tonic to you and all your jamboree member's Physical Defense.
14. Extinction-Level 5: User will Stun 8 targets within 10M radius for 5 seconds.
15. Rohas Shelter-Level 1: Selected event members will suffer a device from their Aggro, and will go Invincible and Stunned for 10 secs.
16. Morale Expansion-Level 3: 9% incentive to you and your celebration member's Physical / Ranged / Magical raid pressure.
17. Whirlwind-Level 5: 180% sustain to the destruction dealt to your targeted opposing and 8 others circa him. They get hard-pressed backbone 15M.

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