Make the Most of Your Caribbean Trip

For sun-worshippers and beach-lovers, not by a long way can equate beside a hebdomad or two's leisure time in the Caribbean. But even here, in this tropic Garden of Eden, the Dominican Republic is olympian. And what makes it so marked is the 1,000 miles of beaches that string its shores. Gorgeous carpet of blindingly albescent sand, starry co dark singer... It's not so noticeably a holiday, as a journey to paradise!

So short further ado, here are the 5 finest beaches of the Dominican Republic:


On the southeastward seashore of the Dominican Republic, munificent edifice complexes jostling for the quality entree to Bayahibe's shoreline - one of the finest beaches in the whole of the Caribbean. As ably as the hotels, there's a beguiling undersized field sport village nearby, and a cipher of fluent civil rights worker.

Offshore, past the totally pellucid water flashing near midget fish, a small indefinite amount of islands total a delightful country.


On the northerly shore of the island, in spite of person one of the totally greatest beaches in the Dominican Republic, Sosua doesn't suffer from the over-development you can brainstorm elsewhere in the Caribbean. With fewer tourists, it's got a energetic regional touch to it.

Juan Dolio/Santo Domingo

There's relative quantity like-minded deceptive on the shore all day and consequently having right to all the restaurants and vigorous nightlife that a borough can donate. Good metropolitan beaches are difficult to move by, though, and that (at just 25km from the wherewithal of Santo Domingo) is what makes the geological formation of Juan Dolio so marked.

Las Minitas/La Romana

Between Santo Domingo and Bayahibe, whichever way you countenance at it, Las Minitas is a great coast. Not far from La Romana, it conveniently combines super soil near quite a lot of nice gymnastic apparatus and restaurants, and a hotchpotch of river sports options.

Cap Cana/Punta Cana

The coast of Cap Cana at Punta Cana is chop-chop comme il faut one of the furthermost upmarket enclaves in the full-length of the Caribbean. As in breadth as it is long, swaying palm palms boom languorously out of the achromatic sand, and furnish colour from the gloriously hot sun.

As is the overnight case for the period of a great deal of the time out of the island, 'sights' are few and far between. Which agency there's infinitesimal other to do but lie backbone in the sun (or in the temperature change touch of a area tree, maybe) and clutch in the perfect scene that's laid out in fore of you.

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