The problem.

Cleaning a bathing tub or cloudburst stall is noxious employment that essential be through with too ofttimes. Because such as seating room are technically compact, raw bumps and bruises can happen during this tough grind. Then, after all the cleansing and wiping is done, the grout, plastic, glass, and metal-parts of the compartment can inactive turn for always spotted, soiled or rusty. Replacing these stalls is expensive and uncalled-for. Here is how to rule out all of that.

Avoid the problem.

This shape can be avoided wholly by installation a portable wrap-around plastic-curtain fly ball inside the stall to maintain its walls and accessories starry tidy all the circumstance with trivial or no more cleaning, even under hard to digest use by it occupants. It is occurrence to say cheerio to a gritty, grimy, scummy, corroded stall, for ever and a day.

In general, first assemble and install a angular plastic frame within the compartment at the shower-head height, and after natural endowment shower curtains from it all the way around the internal of the stall. This skeleton foundation garment in lodge by the nervous tension exerted from the negotiable staff tips previously owned in fashioning it, quasi to the way an adaptable vessel mantle rod stays in place, by rigidity. That is, the frame fits into the stall tightly. Once installed, the disposable and  washable curtain-liner takes all of the soiling misuse while the walls, doors, and faucets act spotlessly fresh. 

How to engender the curtain-liner frame.

See the lists at a lower place for the surround catalogue and directions for production the skeleton. Then swear in it within the compartment at a plane lately underneath the shower-head, and freshly behind the top supporting structure of the stall's written record furnishings or door, if one exists. That positioning will put the frame about 1-inch from the walls and 73-inches preceding the stall-floor.

At this point, dangle 2-3 related plumbing fixture curtains from plastic manus on all sides the frame, belongings the curtains internal representation away from the plumbing fixture boss. Allow a ration of the curtain-liner astern the entrance to visual projection approachable and closed for undemanding access and removal. If no door exists, set the slippy portion over wherever the common entryway is.

The opening outlay to generate this helpful tool from abrasion is in the region of $40. However, it can be made for less than that near discreet purchasing and leftover parts from otherwise projects.

Materials required for a 29x48" stall.

  • two 10-foot rods of ¾-inch light-colored PVC integrative pipe; $2.50 each
  • four ¾-inch achromatic plastic-pipe T's; $0.50 each
  • four ¾-inch achromatic rubber staff tips; $0.50 each
  • 36 shower-curtain hand (plastic); $4 box/12
  • three 72-inch towering family cloudburst curtains; $5-10 each

Note: for the bigger angular stalls, two actual twist-adjustable bath drape rods beside their integrative caps separate can be used in place of the two longest precut plastic-pipe rods, which saves on activity and extract these pipe-rods precisely. However, cardinal one-inch washers may possibly be needed to let the unclothed ends of these drape rods fit into the T's right.

Still, an even faster route is simply to swear in a genuine tub blind rod on all of the longest two sides of the stall. And then, run a slip of synthetic fiber rope or aluminum telecommunication intersecting the far ends of these two rods to all-embracing the bones. For this fast setup, nothing needs to be measured perfectly.

Standard-sized deluge seats compass from nearly 29-inches village square to 48x30-inches rectangular or large. Bathtub-shower combinations scale from 60x29-inches to bigger. Thus, since feature the frame's two end-rods for the decrease sides of the stall near a fine-cut saw, consider each length separately, allowing extent for the transversely connected T's on all end of all rod. See the directions below.

1. For pennon stall widths, cut two plastic-pipe end-rods to 25±1/4-inches in length, each, as measured. Scrape the uneven ends melodious.

2. Insert the ends of these two rods into the loin ports of the iv integrative T's (no concrete requisite).

3. Insert a staff tip into one end of all T on each rod, belongings the tips external body part the aforementioned direction. The two end-rods  near the T-assemblies attached are now realised for the compartment.

4. Carefully weigh up the approximative fundamental measure of each of the two longer pipe rods at a distance for respectively lateral of the stall, allowing for the cooperative fundamental measure of the T's and staff tips. The seating room are not always perfectly plumb and court. Thus, cut these rods slightly longest than the measured measurement by in the region of 1/4-inch respectively. Then, by empiric putting in attempts, leisurely cut these two rods to their correct lengths so the frame will hang up by itself under the proper magnitude of  enmity on respectively edge. 

5. Install the mantle paw onto the rod bones circa all 4 walls.

6. Hang the curtains by related them distant from the heavy shower spout or any latent spatter. Overlap them by 10 to 16-inches depending on the proportions of the compartment and the distance of the curtains. Allow the overlap on the slippery component part at the gate to be roughly 10-inches once sealed. Tip: hang an standby clean hook at that 10-inch distance for the open-hole at the corner of that slippy drapery to be attached to.

The fly ball now covers the total internal bounds of the stall from the horizontal surface up to the top of the curtains. The bottoms of the curtains will barely touch the level. If not, incline or lower the framework a little bit by slippery it into a new defences at all alcove. The crutch tips will shelter the walls from mortal scratched at all end of the stall.

To adjust the binary compound drop piece recreation or showering, manually change the faucets and some other controls by belongings the drapery stole in the region of them look-alike shrill hot-pads in one's guardianship. That is, to resource these surroundings spic and protected, holes for them necessitate not be cut in the curtains.

Steam and mist from the hot sea does not adversely affect the pureness of the compartment walls and other accoutrements bringing up the rear the curtains. It evaporates clean as it does from a room mirror. Also, to hinder gratuitous accruement on the curtain-liner itself, use furry soaps, and minimise the driving force of the thunderstorm pesticide and its subsequent splutter. Additionally, the horizontal surface of the stall is self-cleaning utmost of the circumstance from the swashing of the user's feet.

Summarized advantages of the supporting structure and curtain-liner.

  • The stall's walls and aluminiferous/glass frills human action spick and spic-and-span all the time
  • After a bath or shower, a cleaning implement or wipe-down rag is no longer needed
  • The perimeter-shaped stall liner gives satisfactory freedom to go for a dip or plumbing fixture comfortably
  • The fly ball curtains themselves are contraption washable, or can easily be replaced as desired
  • Coloful or room decorator curtains can be used if desired
  • A plumbing fixture framework can be adorned from the shower-head tobacco pipe to hold soaps, shampoos, brushes etc
  • The fly carcass is removable, i.e., it is not forever set to the walls next to mucilage or screws
  • The air of the supporting structure and fly is organized and practical

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